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There is a Difference with Border Magic®

Strength, Quality, Integral color, Styles and sizes. 10 Year Limited Warranty.Border Magic® brand colors are manufactured to the highest specifications and are designed to last. They are mixed 100% into the concrete for a solid coloring through and through

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Border Magic® brand additives have been developed especially for our products which dramatically increases the strength and durability of our edging. Independent lab testing has shown our edging exceeds 5,000 pounds per square inch of break pressure, compared to other typical concrete products that average 3500 pounds per square inch of break pressure.

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Just like tightly packed snow can make a hard snowball, our BM-2000 extruding machine has a compaction chamber that pushes the concrete forcefully through the mold at high pressure. Our machine is quite a bit larger than other machines which allows for even stronger compaction and more consistent compaction throughout your edging project. Smaller curbing machines have to be held back by hand for them to compact at all. This causes inconsistency in compaction, allowing for weak spots in the edging.

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Integral color:

Border Magic® brand colors are manufactured to the highest specifications and are designed to last. They are mixed 100% into the concrete for a solid coloring through and through. Others just stain on top or put a layer of colored cement on top of the edging, which can pop off or be chipped off, leaving a noticeable area. We also have an additional additive that we have developed that bonds the colors in better with the concrete. We finally lock in the colors with our Border Magic® high quality sealers available only to licensed Border Magic® franchises that protect both the color and the edging from the elements.

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Styles and sizes:

We offer 25 different mold designs including sidewalks up to 36” wide that can be given many different looks, tones, and colors. For homeowners that wish to create a more natural look we offer Stepping Stones. For those looking for a unique look all to their own, we offer Signature Patterns where you and your Border Magic® representative will work together to give you that custom look that will complement your décor. As you can see in our brochure, the looks we can achieve are limited only to your imagination.

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Other quotes were less than yours:

The old cliché “you get what you pay for” is very true. Border Magic® franchises provide a 10 Year Limited Warranty to our landscape edging and are part of a regulated franchise system. Border Magic® franchises must uphold all state and system regulations, so feel free to ask to view our customer surveys. Only Border Magic® can give you a top quality product that carries a 10 Year Limited Warranty.

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If there ever is a problem, you have two avenues for correction, not one:

That’s one of the great benefits in doing business with a franchise like Border Magic®. We are licensed franchisees all part of a national company. You can always contact the corporate office if you had a problem, but Border Magic® franchisees will always take care of you. Other edging and curbing businesses are self-regulating, leaving you nowhere to go if they go out of business or, if you have a problem with their work. We are regulated by our franchise system which requires us to provide a customer survey to all our clients. These surveys are audited at the end of every year and last year found that 98.9% of Border Magic® customer’s nation wide will recommend us to their friends and family. We are also the only company in the edging industry to provide a 10 Year Limited Warranty.

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Border Magic® franchisees are licensed, please explain: Border Magic® franchisees must meet stringent standards. All franchisees are well trained in all areas concerning decorative edging, and customer service. This is required to become licensed. Furthermore, training is ongoing with required participation in our annual training course updates. Border Magic® franchisees have installed hundreds of miles of edging and curbing across the U.S.A. with thousands of satisfied customers.

These are a few of the benefits that you get with Border Magic®. If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call.

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