Farm Bins/Tanks

“The way to make money in agriculture is through irrigation and storage bins.” Working with Delmarva Farmers for years, we’ve heard this many times. To accommodate our customers’ needs, Walls Irrigation, Inc. is now offering Farm Storage Grain Bins from Sioux Steel Company.

Farm Storage Grain Systems offer:

  • Flexibility – farmers can harvest their crops early
  • Protection – protect your harvested crops in the event of severe weather
  • Profitability – Storage Grain Systems keep your harvest fresh so you can sell your commodity when the market is in your favor
  • Convenience – Schedule your deliveries to the granaries without waiting in long lines

10 Year Warranty

Walls IrrigationSioux Steel offers the longest warranty on farm bins in the industry. Our 10-year warranty comes standard on every farm bin; there is no additional cost for this feature. You get a great quality bin with a warranty that is the longest in the industry, giving you peace of mind. Sioux Steel stands behind its products and wants you to have the best possible experience.